Friday, September 11, 2009

Yoga is supposed to be relaxful ...

Yoga is a great thing to do. Relaxes the mind, stretches the muscles, etc. I found out I like practicing yoga when I visited my parents in July and attended one of my mom's classes (she's a certified yoga instructor). I can manage a 20-minute video these days and so I invested in a Rodney Yee A.M. 20-minute workout video. I like his style, I like the shortness of it.

But it's SO not relaxing.

The Orclette loves to do yoga as well. This means she dances around me on the yoga mat, helps me with the poses, and thinks it's great fun to lie under me as I'm doing the downward dog pose. And during the relaxation part of the segment she figures it's the PERFECT time to climb all over me.

I think I'm going to designate yoga time as coloring time and confine her in her highchair. That'll make both of us happy.

That leaves the Miniorc. I usually turn on the DVD right after he eats but that doesn't mean 5 minutes into it he won't start crying. So sometimes it takes up to an hour to finish the 20-minute segment.

But it does get done.

And though it's not particularly relaxful, my muscles reap the benefits. And my mind is content in the knowledge that I managed to complete a workout.

Even when it's the only thing that gets done all day.

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Leiandra said...

Our youngest 2 kids are about the same as yours (well, maybe a bit older). My wife works out when the youngest one goes down for his morning nap. And the 3-year old generally watches a DVD.

But... Yeah! At least you get in the workout.