Monday, September 7, 2009

And gone again.

Damm left at 0520 this morning for the airport (his dad drove him, we stayed home). I didn't cry a whole lot, and in fact seem to be resuming our normal schedule with ease. I did cry quite a bit this weekend, which stinks because he was actually here, but oh well. We had fun. And I now have possession of his cool new phone-I think it's an LG Envy or something like that. Mine died, and with two little ones I don't feel safe being without a phone. So I got Damm's, and his brother is being awesome and sending his extra phone to Damm.

So ... 54 days til November.

I'm thinking I'll start preparing for Christmas in October. Hobby Lobby already has their Christmas stuff out ... I adore Christmas. And of course you can't ignore Thanksgiving/fall themes so we'll be doing that as well. Am I alarming those of you who don't really think of Christmas until after Thanksgiving? It's the fault of Barnes & Noble. We-I guess now I should say they-start receiving Christmas stock in June. And after 9 years of working for them (more or less) I start thinking Christmas earlier than the average person.

And today is Labor Day. The last Labor Day I worked (hehe) I got sent home early because the anticipated crowds did not come. After that year I switched from full to part-time and just never got scheduled for holidays. This Labor Day I shall join the crowds I once envied: the mother-in-law and I are going shoe shopping in El Paso. She's the one looking for shoes. I only get excited about running shoes.

And this weekend I really missed WoW, that being the major activity Damm and I engaged in while we were in Monett, and I'm having huge moments of nostalgia. Once he gets back I'm getting a new laptop (or he is, I'm not sure) and we'll both be rejoining the game. Of course we'll have considerably less time what with school and two kids but I think we'll have time at night. Some nights, anyway. Miniorc is beginning to sleep through the night (insert heavenly choirs), the Orclette always has, so by the time Damm gets back we should be good.

Time flies. Already I need to get us ready for El Paso. I only have one hour ... :D

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