Friday, August 7, 2009

No Baby Yet

Still waiting. But time flies when you're having fun, and having my mom here is fun. We've organized my room (to accomodate the influx of baby stuff) and are moving on to other areas of the house. My mom is a pack-rat and I've inherited her genes so we both need help to get rid of stuff :D We've gone to the campus so I can walk and she can run-and discovered the Orclette ADORES "runnin!" She'll do a running man imitation everytime she wants to "I go runnin!"

We've also gone to the pool. My mom is a lifeguard, tri swim coach and I think sometime in her life she's taught classes so she's one of the safest people to introduce Orclette to the water. The Orclette thinks the pool is the GREATEST thing ever and cries when it's time to leave. I sit sedately by the pool and read/watch. I really don't like the water. Fortunately Damm does so when he gets back he and the Orclette will have great times splashing in the pool.

I've been practicing relaxation techniques. With my mom, since she's my coach. I do not want medication this time around. I think it was the most wonderful thing ever with the Orclette but she looked medicated the first 24 hours of her existence and wouldn't eat anything. I really don't want Brendan to have to go through that. So I am mentally preparing. I am proud of myself this time around: I've asked so many questions, made a birthing wish list, and have actually gotten pre-registered. I know how it's going to go at this hospital and I've pre-rehearsed the stages of labor and my responses to the nurses questions (the ones we could think of anyway). I am positive this will be a better experience than last time.

Oh-I didn't gain any weight this week. Hurrah! The scale kept on going up and up and up. It was time for it to stay the same :D

Damm has been battling allergies and also found out that he's got a hernia that will need to be operated on. Both of us would appreciate prayers for a safe surgery, fast recovery, and that he will not have to restart his training. Other than that he's doing fine and is excelling in class.

Posting will be sporadic most likely but I will ask that my mom post when the little one arrives. Hopefully that will be soon.

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