Monday, August 3, 2009

Food food food

I'm hungry all the time. Forget ladylike portions. Give me Hungryman-sized portions. /sigh. Not really. Hand over the child's-sized meal. Lately I think all my time has been spent gaining weight, even though I'm trying my darndest to not eat too much. Still walking, still spending time with my weights, but nothing can stop the growing. Well, birth will. And since my mom is getting here today that can commence at any time. I am now prepared.

I was looking through pictures of when the Orclette was a mere week old. Damm was quite chubby-about 30 pds heavier than he is now. I looked like I had just been pregnant, of course. Lots of extra poundage that quickly disappeared as we discovered that the Orclette had quite an appetite. I'm counting on the same thing happening this time as I watch the scale inch closer to the 40 pds gained marker. And the Orclette was so tiny. Tiny babies scare me-bear in mind she was 8 pds 8 oz. I can't imagine a smaller baby. I'd have to bring a nurse home with me because I'd be too scared to hold him/her.

It does look as if Damm will be allowed to fly home after child#2's appearance. He can then experience the glories of a swamp cooler. We're either moving to an apartment with refrigerated air or investing in 2 portable AC units when he finishes AIT. I'd rather move-I'm hoping I never have to live anywhere that would require me to retain my portable AC units. Then again moving is such a hassle ...

And that is my life currently. I'm re-reading old favorites to wile away the time. Waiting, waiting, waiting. And then more waiting. And then more wondering: how big is he now? Have we topped 9 pds yet? Are we going to reach 10? At least that explains the weight gain :D

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