Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The joy of old clothes

I couldn't resist-I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans 4 days after giving birth. I wasn't surprised that they didn't fit. I just wanted to see how far I had to go. My maternity jeans were getting really loose, however, even with the belly band, so I decided to try 'em on again this morning.

They fit!

I must also mention that I can't butten them yet. Still using the belly band to keep my pants on.

Delving through my closet and finding clothes that fit me again was fun last time and it's pure joy this time. Quite a few won't fit for a while-I got pretty skinny when we moved to Las Cruces. It also doesn't help that certain bits of my anatomy are somewhat bigger than they typically are and would strain my smaller shirts.

I haven't done any "exercising," but we have gone out on excursions to the mall, various stores, the library, etc, and so I'm walking a bit more everyday. Next Tuesday I plan to return to my gym, stroll on the treadmill, and use the weight machines (free weights probably need to wait for a while since my core muscles are not back to full strength). More importantly, I shall be sans kiddos when I go to the gym. The restoration of sanity.

Further adding to my happiness: I'm finally getting cable. I've missed all my channels. The morning shows, the afternoon shows, the movies in the evening ... it's like having someone to talk to. Sounds kind of sad but it'll have to do til Damm gets back.

He had his surgery yesterday and everything went smoothly. He walked a bit today but is mainly spending his time riding on percocet (spelling? no idea). He will hopefully be able to get himself to class tomorrow so he doesn't have to restart.

And my appetite is beginning to return. Welcome back old friend.

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