Monday, August 24, 2009

Adventures of Miniorc

His adventures started early. I wasn't aware of the first two since I was in labor but at one point the nurses couldn't find his heartbeat. So all of a sudden nurses are rushing into the room, my mom started to grip my hand rather tightly, and they put a scalp monitor on him. Heartbeat came through loud and strong, so apparently no complications there just a rather scary moment.

Second one happened while he was making his way out into the world. The cord was loosely looped around his neck and he wasn't recovering well between pushes (I'm trying not to be graphic-I've never had a desire to hear about what happens in labor & delivery and I suspect there are many people out there who also prefer to remain mostly ignorant). So they put an oxygen mask on me and employed a few other nurse tricks. The pushing part lasted mere minutes so he was out before anything serious could develop.

Then Friday night he wouldn't fall back asleep and was crying inconsolably which so far is not his MO. My mom had the bright idea of taking his diaper off and lo and behold the diaper rash of the century. And, somewhat scarily, blood in the diaper. We weren't sure whether it came from his pee or if it was from the diaper rashed bits so we ended up taking him to the ER (I called my doctor who, as it turns out, does not have an on-call pediatrician. Bah humbug. Hence the ER). It was the diaper rash, we were given a prescription and tips on how to recognize a diaper rash and sent home. But when you have a newborn it's just better to be certain.

And all during that and afterwards Miniorc is thriving. His appetite resembles that of a football player. When awake and not hungry he likes to gaze about, his darkish blue eyes wide. When put on his tummy he already is trying to creep and holds his head up when held upright. He loves my Baby Bjorn carrier which is simply awesome-my hands are free to care for the Orclette. And he's been letting me get about 7 hours of sleep a night. It's interrupted, but still, I'll take it.

The Orclette is, for the most part anyway, adapting to the role of big sister with aplomb. It helps that my mom is still here paying lots of attention to her and that her other grandmother loves on her as well. I've been trying to make quality time for snuggling exclusively with her. Some days it's happened and some days it hasn't. Can't wait for Damm to get back so there are four hands to deal with the munchkins and time for individual attention for each.

And me? I'm recovering. Trying not to do too much. Another couple/few days and I won't look pregnant anymore just a bit thick about the waist (I've mentioned he eats like a football player? the weight is melting off). It helps that my appetite is non-existent and I have to force myself to eat. Happened with the Orclette as well and went away after 2 weeks-back to ravenous as usual.

And that's whats been going on with these orcs. Damm has surgery for a hernia tomorrow at 0530. We're praying that he is able to resume classes and not have to restart (it would just be a bummer to not have him here for the holidays). Other than that he's doing well and is still either the highest scoring in his class or tied for first ... can't remember.

And Las Cruces is beginning to experience cooler weather at last.


Marylin said...

Glad to hear you're settling into being a mum of two. :)

Daxenos said...

I remember when we had our youngest son; our oldest son was the great diaper fetcher!

Yes, it's a role that's steeped in history and lore, so I'm sure Orclette will delve into it and add to the richness and pomp of the time honored position.

Kayeri said...

Heh, just told my husband about your post and when I mentioned 'eating like a football player', he just calmly replied, "Well, that's an orc for you!" ::chuckling::