Thursday, August 27, 2009

It's official. I'm a mom.

Technically I've been a mother for 2 years 2 months now. But I'm still young, going back to college, and "momness" never really hit me. Until now. You see, the Orclette is old enough to be scared by movies/shows now, and I have to screen what she watches. And some kind, horrible person gave her an Elmo doll. She loves Elmo. And now she's seen Sesame Street. There is no going back. Kid shows are in, my shows, most of them, are out by virtue of being too scary.

There is also the joining of MOPS. I didn't do it with Orclette-once she stopped crying incessantly I treated her as just another extension of myself and continued doing what I normally did. No kiddy activities necessary. But this time around I need distractions and special "big girl" stuff for her to do. So MOPS has been joined, trips to Barnes & Noble have been planned so she can play with the trains (and eventually listen to storytime), parks have been scouted and the channel and time of the kiddo shows I can tolerate noted. In another few months there's a gym with toddler gymnastics ...

But in other ways it's awesome having two kids (at least, if you've decided that's the route you're gonna take in life). The Orclette LOVES "playing" with Miniorc. At this point that means she stares at him, pets him gently, and tries to rock him. She usually rocks too hard but the intent is kindly. And he seems to love it. Keeps him entertained for long stretches of minutes. It's also great having two kids if you want time to pass along quickly. I want 8 weeks to happen in the space of 1 (thus hastening Damm's return) so I'm all for time speeding along by.

It's also cheering to think that by the time my brothers and bro's-in-law get around to having kids I'll be done with the infant/toddler stage and be in the fun part of child-rearing (I've always been better with older kids ... I love my babies but in general they're not my forte). Disneyworld, trips to Williamsburg, VA, homeschooling ... ah I can't wait. And I will be able to secretly (or not secretly) laugh at the mishaps that they will have that I had that they laughed at.

That's not revenge, just karma.

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Kelmar said...

I can't wait for our new edition to get here. Hip is a little sad that she will be sorely outnumbered but only a little:)

She will have to put up with me and 2 young boys which really counts like 3.

I showed Connor the joy of putting the plastic sword down the back of his shirt so that he can unsheathe it with flourish. He get's to show his brother :)