Monday, June 8, 2009

Totally Lost

My loverly hunter Wulfa is lvl 79. By the end of the week she might be 80. And I have NO clue what I'm supposed to do then. I'll research it, eventually. Along with this Dual Spec thingy, the various factions I can grind rep with, new types of flying mounts that I might decide I HAVE to have. /whew. I thought school was hard.

I have yet to replace a piece of gear. No-I lie. I've switched out some rings on Wulfa. I haven't been able to do any instances and I don't forsee being able to do so in the near future so .... Wulfa's gonna keep her look. I did get a new cat. Somehow all of my pets got way behind in leveling so I picked up a new kitty with fiery eyes only a lvl behing meself. Her name is Loralei. My little siren that attracts all the big bad dudes to lure them to death (that being what the origin of her name is).

In real life ... I stink at handling conflict. And especially conflict with Damm's side of the family. So, we're going to Alberquerque on Wednesday. When first planning the trip I thought I was paying for the whole thing and that only the mother-in-law was coming, so at that point I was perfectly willing to share the hotel room. Then it was decided that everyone was coming (i.e. father-in-law and Rob) and they decided to get two hotel rooms. I was to pay for one and to help out with gas. I got the distinct impression that Orclette and myself were to have a room to ourselves. And I was really excited about that. Turns out that wasn't what in-laws were thinking, and since I'm trying really hard not to create any waves I didn't say anything. But it's been bugging me. A lot. And it finally burst out with a passive aggressive text to the mother-in-law inquiring once again why I was sharing a room. See? No good with conflict. Right after that I felt bad about my text and apologized. Have yet to get a reply. I might call later. Because it's never good to alienate the in-laws. Wow I wish Damm were here. Usually he's the one dealing with any type of familial drama on his side.

Add to all this nausea and generally feeling shitty. Pardon my language, but the word very aptly describes how I feel. 9 weeks left. Only 9 weeks.


Dechion said...

Well I fail at dealing with conflict as well. I generally just avoid it.

On the gearing up a hunter thing I might be of some help, catch me online.

Ruune said...

Wait, you're back playing again? Woot. See you soon hopefully.

Daxenos said...

I have a Heroic Hunter drop list somewhere around my blog, if you're interested.

And, welcome back to the crack! I couldn't stay away either....