Tuesday, June 30, 2009

This week has not been fun. I've been yelled at by a doctor and get to suffer through 2 doctor's appointments. Well, one is a 2-hour orientation. Which is supposed to be followed up by your first OB visit. When I told them I would be out of town for a bit the yelling started. I told them I was going no matter what they said and did I just need to show up at the hospital when labor started since it sounded like they didn't want to see me? I was assured that no, they want to see me before that and if I got back into town sooner to call them. I'm just concerned that the doctor will try to talk to me again tomorrow during the orientation. I stink at confrontations. So I think I'm going to bring my mother-in-law along just in case.

And if one more person asks me why I'm traveling at this stage in my pregnancy I'm going to hit them. It's been two whole days of that.

ggrrrrrrr. I can't wait until we leave Friday and I can leave all this stress and worry behind. I was perfectly fine until I had to go to the doctor. You see, doctors stress me out. I was almost 5 months along with the Orclette before I consented to see one. And I had a horrible experience. I understand that doctor peoples are good in emergencies and they save lives. And I think that's awesome. I just hate having to see them myself.

And that's what be going on in our lives currently. Getting ready to leave, getting yelled at by a doctor I've yet to meet, and stressing out that something might prevent me from going (believe it or not, if going would jeopardize my health or kiddo #2's health I wouldn't go. I just see no reason why it would). I can't wait til this little kid is out and all I have to do is go with them when they need to see the doctor. No more doctors for me!!!

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