Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Much Better

I spent 3 hours last night writing encouraging notes to some missionary peeps my mother-in-law knows. It wasn't just me, the whole bible study group was in on the project. But I was the fastest encouraging-note writer so guess who got to do a HUGE number of the things? Yeppers, that would be me. I have practice-years of being a youth group leader over the little highschoolers. I'd write notes every once in a while to encourage them. Nothing like a good laugh to cheer up the day.

Or, as one person said, "Everyone should start the day with a smile and get it over with."

And I'm in a better mood today. Damm woke us up this morning-he received special permission to call and wish the Orclette a happy birthday (which is July 5th) before his platoon left for Victory Week. He was only allowed 2 minutes but still, it was a nice way to wake up. Today I have the orientation at the hospital and then I'm done with doctors for a bit. Tomorrow we do all the final packing and last-minute shopping and then Friday we are on vacay! So exciting.

And I'm out of things to say. I'm hungry.

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