Thursday, May 21, 2009

Swamp Coolers

There is such a lackadaisaical attitude about AC here. And in most buildings it ain't AC, it's a swamp cooler. I'm not sure exactly what the differences are technically, but I sure know what the differences are in air cooling ability.

Our apartment is almost entirely in shade. This is the ONLY reason our swamp cooler is effective. Were the sun to invade our cozy little abode the swamp cooler would be utterly vanquished. Also, I woke up to a humid house. It's done wonders for my skin-I was looking like a scaly lizard. But it's a bit weird to have humidity in a cooled house, especially if you lived in Houston where the point is to get rid of all and any humidity and to make all of your customers freeze (I think all stores keep their AC at 60 during the summer. At least I think that's why my glasses fog up everytime I went inside a store :).

And I've heard one horror story about a apartment resident who had to wait 9 days for her swamp cooler to get fixed. It's in the 90's, people, and hotter if you're in the sun. 9 days. And another apartment complex doesn't let you turn down your AC below 75 degrees.


(P.S. I realize some people don't have any type of AC so I am grateful for what I have, but I'm very much accustomed to nice, dry AC which I can turn down to 68 if I freakin want to and prompt service for AC's that have broken down during the summer.)

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