Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The next two days Las Cruces is scheduled to get thunder storms. THUNDER STORMS. I haven't seen rain in-oh gosh, since we left Missouri. I love the rain. It's almost like Christmas-the sound of it pattering on the roof, the knowledge that there's nothing one could possibly do outside so it's perfectly ok to sit inside and read all day. The coziness. The darkness. Yep-I love rain. We'll see what rain looks like in the desert. I'm trying not to get my hopes up-their version of thunderstorm is probably not the same as mine.

Damm is not able to fly back between basic and graduation. So plans are in full throttle for a humongous road trip to South Carolina to see him graduate. Family Day is July 16th, Graduation July 17th. Absolutely no idea whether that weekend he'll be able to spend more time with us or if they'll immediately cart him off to Georgia for AIT. As for getting leave to see his newborn ... he's been told it's possible but that it probably would reset his time in AIT. So I've said he's just gonna have to wait (he left that decision up to me). I'd rather have him back for good.

So I've been hitting the weights fairly hard at the gym. I tend to neglect the lower body when I'm able to run-it seems like overkill. Anyway, I've incorporated more lunges and squats and also started pyramiding when using the weight machines. I want leg muscles. I did the same for the upper muscles yesterday, but that didn't go so well. You see, with heavier weights you tend to use your core muscles to stabilize. My core muscles are already being used way past their normal capacity (and I don't want to tear them) so I'm going to have to revise my workout a bit. See if there are alternate exercises that won't strain areas that should not be strained right now.

The Orclette can speak in full sentences now. And she repeates EVERYTHING she hears you say. Damm is so not allowed to bring military jargon home with him (by that I mean cussing-I know you can't get away from it when around military peeps but when at home he's just not allowed to use it in front of my impressionable daughter). She got one of those toy plastic cars that she can locomote with her feet and she ADORES it. She will spend the entire afternoon outside with her car, getting in and out, filling it up with gas, bringing baby with her, deciding that baby can't go with her, etc. It's wonderful-I'm able to read for large chunks of time while she is thus occupied.

Our life is pretty quiet. We spend the mornings at our place puttering around, I drop her off and head to the gym, I come back and hang out til dinnertime (Audrey cooks more frequently than I do). Then home, and either a movie or bed. This is broken up by going to the occasional movie-I saw Star Trek and loved it. Totally looking forward to Harry Potter, My Life in Ruins, Terminator Salvation, Transformers 2, G.I. Joe-exciting stuff.

11 weeks and 5 days til I'm due to be unpregnified. Seems like such a long time away. 7 weeks 3 days til we depart for South Carolina. That also seems rather far away. Bah humbug.

And the Orclette is up. Toodles.

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Papersmith said...

If there was anyway I could package up and send you a nice afternoon lazing on the porch with a good 'ol Missouri Thunderstorm rumbling in the background I surely would.

We just got done with about a week of them, and it was a good reminder of why I moved back from Phoenix.