Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last Class

Yesterday was, to all effects and purposes, my last day of classes. Yes, today I have Spanish, but we're mainly doing food stuff and going over what will be on the final-hardly a real class. My Friday classes all got cancelled. I got my email confirming I don't have to take my East Asia final. My papers for English are written (the hardest part) and only have to be revised. My European history test in NOT a final but simply a 4th test. Spanish is a real final but I didn't have trouble with the earlier stuff so I'm hoping it won't be too bad.

Damm took one final last night. I think the rest of his are on Monday as well. Monday will be a whirlwind day, what with our tests starting at 8 a.m. and my last one being at 4 p.m. (though that one I'm just handing in my papers). Then we're off to Outback to, well, not celebrate Damm's going off to basic. I guess it's more of a last chance dinner type thing. Then the next morning the Orclette and I will drop him off at 5 a.m. to his Srgt. and off he will go. There is a possibility of him coming home between Basic and AIT (his friends that have already done all that swear that's how it works) and he'll be asking for a weekend during AIT to come and see the new baby. And then mid-November he'll be back. Do I go over this info a lot? I feel like I do. I blame it on Mommy brain. Or Pregnancy brain, whatever it's called.

You see, I thought I'd escaped it this time. The narrowness of focus, the inability to talk about anything else other than the upcoming birth/baby/anything else connected with it. And then these last two weeks it hit me hard. Which is why some of my last few grades have not been as excellent as I want them to be. I simply cannot concentrate. Instead of memorizing verbs in the preterite form I'm going over just exactly how I'm going to take a shower with two kids. In case you're wondering, that's an easy one: take the Orclette with, put little one in his/her bouncy seat in the bathroom, securely fastened. Or this one: How am I going to take out the trash with two little ones? Answer: Put Orclette on her monkey leash (most brilliant thing ever). Put little one into the sling. Make sure I don't let the trashbag get too heavy or I won't be able to lift it into the trash can. And so on and so forth. Having difficult situations planned beforehand is what made other moms say in awe of me and the Orclette, "You make this look like it is so easy." It's not, I just planned and obsessed and made mental lists for weeks beforehand. And of course, all my plans could be thrown out the window. It all comes down to what the little one's going to be like.

You know, I think I'm trying to stall again. I got up at 5 a.m. to exercise. I should enjoy that privilege now, right? At least until I get my gym membership. The Orclette lets me exercise, but she likes to do the moves with me. Like, with me with me. Basically she gets in the way. Now, I have the mommy-patience drug/hormone currently running through my veins (there actually is something that enables new mommies to withstand the constant crying and tedium-can't remember what it's called but I read it somewhere) but that does sort of get annoying. Oh well. Once little one is born (and my mother lets me) I'll be exercising 6x/week. Ok, mebbe not at first. But we're gonna be working up to that. A nice mixture of weights, cardio, stretching .... I be daydreaming. Did I mention the gym I'm gonna join? And that I'll be dropping the Orclette (and then little one) off with grandma so I can go to that gym? All by myself? Ooops, daydreaming again.

Ok. Rats. I've run out of things to say. And my weights are looking a little lonely.

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is back too.

I can't help but play and throw my stories out there.

Should be fun.