Monday, April 27, 2009

Almost like her first word

The Orclette's vocabulary is ever-expanding. She knows what juice is, she knows what oranges and bananas are. She knows that saying "crackers" will obtain her some form of chip or cracker. Saying "bite" will send the adult currently watching her into a hunt for the food that will please her. But last night she said something entirely different.

"Hot. Pocket."

Did you see that? My daughter said Hot Pocket! I squealed, of course, Damm thought it was cool, and she got her Hot Pocket (Lean Pocket, actually). /sniff. So proud of my smart little baby. Who refuses to wake up this morning. Who would think that it would be me trying to wake her up? For almost a year and a half we hoped and prayed that she would sleep later than 7 a.m. And now, here she is, refusing to wake up. She obviously is her daddy's child.

Also last night. I am getting bigger. And only in the stomach area so apparently it's very noticeable. And people have no qualms about looking my way and without any other greeting saying "oh my gosh! you're so big!"

I know. You want to know how I know? Here ya go: little one keeps kicking me either in the lungs or in the bladder. Can anyone say uncomfortable? My balance is off because I'm carrying about 15 extra pounds. My feet get swollen if I stand up too long. I have to wear maternity clothes-which are very cute this year, yes, but still. I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. In about 2 months I'll have to switch to shoes I can just slip-on because I won't be able to reach my feet. My lower back aches at odd times now. If little one decides to press up against the sciatic nerve ooh watch out. Mamma in pain and mamma not be happy.

So, I know. It DOES NOT help to be reminded. I vastly prefer the kind people who said the following: "Wow, you're 6 months? But you're so little!" and "You know, you're a cute pregnant person. You never looked like you were getting fat, just like you were pregnant."

/vent turn off. I know some people love being pregnant and rejoice in every aspect. But there are those of use who just want this part to be over. So know your pregnant person before you speak. If they want comments on how big they are, go for it. If they want you to touch their stomach (totally weird) then do it. BUT if they don't, then back off and don't get hurt when they punch you. Would you comment on someone's weight or try and touch their stomach at any other time? Hopefully not. And my /vent turn off didn't work, obviously.

Ok. Time to forcibly wake up the little gorgeous princess. And offer her "bites."

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