Wednesday, January 28, 2009


PT diagnostic test was today.

My pushups at least are on the AFPT chart. I did 25.

My situps... wow... less than I get when I practiced at home. 15 I believe.

My run.... well when I heard it I was estatic! Freakin awesome and things of that nature. The cadet keeping score looked at me like I was crazy. I wasn't last but I sure as hell wasn't first.... I think there were 2 cadets behind me? maybe. BUT the score was amazing if you've been following my running times back when I was posting them.

You ready for this?

I'm not sure you are.

Are you?

19:43 2mile time.

Yeah... 19 freakin 43.


P.S. Dear TJ I talked to you but you just sat there and stared out the window. This kinda thing makes a guy feel sad. Just cus you have Pete or Paul or Sam or whatever your nifty is named doesn't mean you gotta ignore a Dammerung. Or is it because my skin is green and I live in a skin covered hut? *sniffle*

P.S.S. Using gchat to tell wife that it is freakin cold on campus is awesome.

P.S.S.S. Dear BBB and TJ and Caitlin and the rest of you northerner bloggers please take your freakin cold weather back. It was 28 degrees this morning at 6am when I started doing my PT test. My hands are crying from the cold.


Scott said...

Twenty Eight degrees is not that cold. You, sir, are a wus.

Dechion said...

first, Grats on the PT test. Well done.

Second, I am one of the aformentioned "northern" bloggers, hailing from Wisconsin. You, sir should enjoy your balmy weather.

I would pay good money to see 28 degrees. Heck,it is sitting at about -2 and snowing atm, but might hit 15 today if we are lucky.

Czanthar said...

Up here in the north, we'd kill for 28 degrees...HEAT WAVE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was about to make a witty comment about your cold complaints, but I'll just go with "ditto" to what the three above me said.