Thursday, January 29, 2009

Absoballylutely no time

Welpers, my grand plan for telling all about the Austin trip and wedding failed. We have no time. To make matters worse, on top of having no time the Orclette-understandably, of course-wants to have cuddle time with each of us. So we REALLY have no time. And to make matters even worse than that, there is the fatigue and never-ending tiredness I seem to be having. Not really a problem except that we're currently living fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyles and I just can't seem to quite keep up. On the plus side, I LOVE being back in school and I do like hectic lifestyles. I just wish I could keep up. I'm about to hit the 3-month stage of being pregnified and if I remember correctly my energy levels started going back up around then. I still am not looking pregnant. Haven't been to the doctor yet either. Hate going. I will eventually. When we have time. I think that'll be the summer months :D

Anyway, once again a really really short posting about our lives. At some point there will be a longer one.

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