Friday, January 11, 2013

Back to posting.

I’m at the park with the munchkins and wondering to myself if they should have been forced to wear a jacket or if it is perfectly reasonable to let them run around in long sleeve shirts if they aren’t feeling cold. 

I mean they are pretty obviously cold right now.  Except any mention of leaving makes them swear they aren’t cold. 

Well bother. 

I took my jacket off to show that I’m not cold so my parenting choices are valid because I’m not wearing  jacket while they are cold. 

I figure when I get so cold that I cannot focus any more it will be time for us to go.  And then we can go to the local bookstore and get hot chocolate.

A complete wonder to me was a joint blogcast/podcast whatever you call it.  Anyways this joint enterprise had Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Patrick Ruthfuss and the Bloggess all in one big bunch and a few things struck me.

First, all of them are about 10 years older than me.

Second, they all have kids.

Third, they all expressed a large amount of difficulty in handling life, the universe and everything.  Basically they went over how they felt like they sucked but then they got over it and became awesome.

Oh and the fact that all the people I consider awesome hang out together online in things like this. 

Which blows my mind. 

And they all seem so personable and normal and not a bit…. like the snobbish professor types I had imagined.  (well except the bloggess and wil wheaton… I imagined him as he is in big bang and I imagined her as someone akin to well… someone Lorelia Gilmore crossed with Cruella Devile’s fashion sense). 

And instead they simply seem like the cool kids who are just enough older than me that I can learn from them without them being my parents.

I was greatly cheered by this because secretly I rather constantly believe I suck and am failing at well everything unlike all the successful cheerful perfect people around me that have no problems at all I’m sure.


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Dawn said...

I love the new backgrounds on the blog.

Oh I'm sure you know this since your lovely wife works at B&N, but the final WOT book came out Tuesday. I'm going to get a copy tomorrow.