Saturday, January 12, 2013

Another post.

At some point last year I stopped writing.  I was so caught up in my depression over finances, school and the future that I just stopped doing things.  I cut my reading down to nearly nothing and wasted a huge amount of time with tv and internet and saw my grades suffer, my house suffer, my kids suffer and generally all my output drop to negligible levels.

That isn’t to say I failed at everything but 2012 was definitively not a banner year for me.  And then to end it I started this winter break with turning 31 and feeling that I had done NOTHING with my life so far and how sucky I must be to be THIS OLD and not have a clue what I was doing.

I mean everyone else at this point has their masters, their own house, and perfect kids right? HAhahha.
So I shouldn’t have stopped writing.  Even with it not being my strongest point it gives me a chance to do something that doesn’t involve math and isn’t an assignment but is at least slightly productive.  It is like meditation for the non-meditating engineer.

My non-new-years-goals are to get back to the 180lbs I was in august and to get back into shape.  It is appalling how quickly depression and stress will take away your muscle and replace it with fat and sleepyness.

Additionally I want to get a 4.0 semester again and I really really want to land a decent internship that pays enough for me to afford to send the kids to their grandma’s for a few weeks this summer.

And well.  I guess that is enough.  OH wait…the story writing.  I want to write a full story.  Kinda like nananvavnblog whatsit that all the cool kids do in November but broken up over a year.

yeah that is about it.  Nothing much more.


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