Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Finally got it over with.

I went to the doctor. It's been six months, the adult onset acne I've been dealing with has not completely cleared (although it's a lot better) and my mom is convinced that my eyebrows have started to thin out. So I went in yesterday and waited for an hour and a half (should've brought a book). The nurse practitioner was very nice (although I could tell our opinions on exercise differed when she recommended getting 30 minutes a day of cardio) and ordered a hormone test, thyroid test and also a diabetic test. I was surprised by the mention of diabetes; it doesn't run in my family and I am, for the most part, pretty healthy, but hey, why not rule it out. I didn't mention that particular test to my mom, though, because I think she would've flipped out (she doesn't, to my knowledge, read this blog) and I don't think I have diabetes, so no need to worry her. 

So right now I'm trying to pass the time by typing this up. It's blood testing day and I can't eat or drink anything. I'm ok with the no eating but the no coffee? It's been hard. Damm was very helpful and left "no eating" signs around the kitchen and also a "no coffee either" sign on the coffee maker. Usually I would have no problems remembering but I've had a weird sort of brain fogginess going on (which is why she wanted to run a diabetes test) and I've forgotten things I don't usually forget. I'm not too worried about it because stress can also cause forgetfulness and that has been an ever present companion so far and some of the forgetfulness is due to changes in schedule and that does tend to throw me off a bit. I like my routines.

So in a week I'll have my results. The only one I think might come back with actionable results (i.e. I'll need to be medicated) is the thyroid one. We'll see. Happy hump day:)

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