Monday, October 29, 2012

Wait, which came first?

Burning Crusade or Wrath? And how does Cataclysm fit into the story? And how the heck do I find Mt. Hyjal? And where is Dalaran?

Needless to say (if you have played the game, if you haven't I just typed gibberish) I had forgotten quite a bit. My fingers remembered how to play; I was logged onto Wulfa and a little snake tried to bite me and I responded instantly, if a bit clumsily. I leveled to 85 after teaching the snake some manners, at which point I felt somewhat overwhelmed by all the hunter changes and we decided to create new characters. That lasted two nights and then we both felt the urge to get back to our original characters.

Damm has been having fun with Affliction. Apparently he can one-shot targets and this fills him with glee. I am over the moon with the priestly spell Devouring Plague. I vaguely remember getting it but I don't think I ever used it. I logged onto to Beowulfa and looked at the recommended spell order (pure genius, whoever thought of putting that up, although I had already come up with a similar rotation) and it was included. One-shot, anyone? What's funny about Beo is that she was still geared in my purples from BC (I think, I'm still fuzzy on what happened when). I switched out the last of them last night. My new clothes are nowhere near as pretty (/sigh).

Wulfa is fine. I still have the same pet I trained as a new character (Boru, a cat from the Night Elves starting area) and have never really felt like playing with any of my other pets. I'm waiting for Damm to catch up so we can do some instances. Once we do that, I have the suspicion we might just need to upgrade because it feels rather pointless to just sit there. Plus the pandas look cute.

Happy Monday everyone! (You see the exclamation mark? Did it uplift your spirits? I was hoping it would motivate me but it didn't. Still want to be asleep. Bah Mondays.)

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Charleen said...

You actually don't need the expansion to start a pandaren. You just can't start a monk, and you can't level to 90.

Not to say, "Don't buy the expansion!" because obviously playing through the Pandaren starting zone doesn't take very long, and after that it's just more of the same old same old. Just saying there is a little more playing around you could do, before you decide to spend $80 or however much it is to buy Mists x2.