Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And we're gamers again.

And we're back to playing WoW again (we haven't actually logged on yet, spent last night downloading stuff). We don't have the expansion yet. Maybe for Christmas gifts. We're not sure what we're going to do in-game yet and it's been fun to start planning. I think it'll be good for our stress levels to take a step away and disconnect from reality. And I've re-written this paragraph two times; who would've thought saying "Yo we're playing again" would be so hard? Maybe it's the lack of caffeine? But I always use that excuse. Anyway, we're looking forward to logging on tonight or this upcoming weekend. I've laid down strict ground rules: no playing when kiddos are awake (we don't have enough time with them as it is) and no playing when there is homework to be done. So ends this awkwardly written little snippet of news (seriously, I stare at the page and think "ick! I can't write! I have no thoughts!").

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