Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Attempting to de-stress. And stressing about it.

It's amazing how much work it takes to de-stress oneself. You have to remind yourself to relax, to take deep breaths, that you can't spend hours agonizing over those details and that you need to think calming thoughts. I don't typically have calming thoughts. I think about running or lifting weights or the latest science fiction book I'm reading or how to improve my productivity at work or how to maximize my kid-time. Not exactly calming thoughts.

BUT I have taken steps. And I stuck to my de-stressing plan all day today. I only had two cups of coffee. Two. I drank decaffeinated green tea the rest of the day. I passed up a diet soda. I bought a relaxing tea and drank that in the evening (I'm a yoga-loving tea-drinking hippy now. Sigh.). I have also purchased probiotics and diatomaceous earth. The earth stuff tastes nasty, by the way, in case you were wondering, but it's supposed to be beneficial in clearing up skin and digestive issues so I figured I'd give it a go. In a couple weeks or so I'll let you know what I think.

In addition to the extreme step of reducing my coffee levels I have also reduced my dark chocolate intake. We eat the 70% or darker stuff so I wasn't too concerned but it has caffeine AND it was getting to be an expensive habit. Right now I'm trying to stop myself from eating more. It's calling to me. Maybe if I pretend it's diatomaceous earth?

I fully intend to add yoga into this mixture. There's nothing quite like the feeling of total relaxation I get after doing a session. It's better than a runner's high. The problem is that I like to do yoga in an atmosphere of peace and quiet and that happens never at my house. Maybe when the kids are older?

So how do you de-stress yourself without stressing out about it? I'm all ears.

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