Friday, July 27, 2012

Oh these lazy days of summer.

What? Who gets to have lazy days of summer? Definitely not us. It's been crazy. Then again, for the past four years it's been crazy. We look back on our Missouri days and marvel that we could have been discontented with the amazing lack of stress or anything to do, and then we remember how bored we were.

Not bored now, I can assure you.

Damm and I have been getting up at 5 a.m. every morning, he to work out and me to work out/prepare food for Damm and myself (kiddos don't require extensive prep time at the moment) and get ready for work. I'm gone for eight hours at a very physically taxing job and then I catapult myself back into the current chaos that is our house (we're rearranging, always fun). School will start in a few weeks and Damm is working when I'm not since his job is project-dependent and they don't always have hours but they have plenty right now.

The good thing, though? I don't have homework. I'll still have dreams occasionally about homework (and they freak me out) but that stress is done with, for now at least. I'm going to enjoy it (as I cry that I'm not in school).

The other good thing that is only marginally related to what I've written previously? I did five pull ups yesterday. My previous record, held for most of my life, was one. So very proud of myself right now.

And when I said I didn't have homework, well, that isn't exactly true. The Orclette will be in kindergarten and that means we're not just playing at school, we're officially homeschooling. My mom will be helping (she's a homeschooling veteran) but still, much more thought will need to be put into this upcoming school year.

So now you're updated and informed about life in the Orc household. Have a good weekend!

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