Wednesday, July 4, 2012

5 years ago ...

I was still in labor. I'm a bit fuzzy about the details, but right about now might have been when I first asked for painkillers, but I didn't want an epidural because then I wouldn't be doing it the natural way. Never mind that taking drugs of any sort means I wasn't doing it the natural way. I was in pain, I wasn't thinking straight. Anyway, I caved about 18 hours in and asked for the epidural. After being forced to sit up (only time I swore at Damm) the relief was pure bliss. I slept for a couple hours before it was time to push. Then you were finally born and they brought you to me. I was a bit weirded out because you still had blood on you but the ordeal was finally over. Then they cleaned you up, whisked you away and wheeled me to my room. I passed out for a couple of hours (as did Damm). I don't think I could fall asleep now if you were in a separate part of the hospital but 24 hours of labor + drugs delayed the mother bear reaction. When I woke up I got both you and the biggest Dairy Queen Blizzard your uncle could find.

It was a great way to truly meet you, although you slept a LOT those first few days (to rest up before deciding you needed to cry for the next four months:). Then you learned how to move yourself at four months, stood up at six months, and tried out your first step at nine months. You comforted me at the tender age of two when your daddy had to go away to training, gazed in awe at your little brother when he was born and helped me take care of him. You liven up any room you're in and amaze us with your intelligent questions (which is good since your daddy wants you to be an engineer and support us in our old age). I can hardly believe you're turning five, even though we've been talking about the party for months (it's going to be the biggest one we've had yet, even though none of the little kids you know could make it).

Happy Birthday Orclette:)


Dawn said...

I can't believe she's 5 already! Happy birthday Orclette!

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