Monday, May 14, 2012

Happy Belated Mother's Day

The one thing I wanted to do for Mother's Day? Sleep in. I put in the request early, reminded Damm and then stayed up late watching "The Vow". 9 a.m. the next morning my husband and kids bounced in with flowers, big smiles and loud cries of "Happy Mother's Day!"

I think we've forgotten what sleeping in means in this family.

After two cups of coffee and breakfast from Mcdonald's I felt like a person and rather enjoyed the rest of the day. I bought a 54-ounce bottle for my iced coffee (24-ounces just wasn't cutting it) and a new bottle for my protein shakes. Life is good. And here are my adorable kids:

I love this one. Looks like (to me, anyway) that I staged it. I did no such thing of course, it was pure accident.

The hat goes everywhere he goes.

Yes, Miniorc is picking his nose. Note the camo hat and cowboy boots.

He watered himself instead of the garden. She took his flowers and put one "in my ear".

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