Wednesday, May 2, 2012

First time "HIIT"ting it.

For those of you who aren't constantly reading fitness magazines and articles (like me:) HIIT is: High Intensity Interval Training. I've heard the term bandied about recently (along with the dangers of wearing high heels-who would possibly have guessed that? I am being sarcastic of course) and I've started to add in sprints to my walking and running workouts.

Then, in the April edition of Oxygen magazine I came across a guide for a killer HIIT workout. I couldn't do all thirty minutes of it and in fact barely made it through half. Here's what I did (on our treadmill, 2% incline:

0:00-0:59 3 mph
1:00-1:59 4 mph
2:00-3:59 5 mph
4:00-4:59 6 mph
5:00-5:59 7 mph
6:00-6:59 5 mph
7:00-15:00 repeat previous cycle

My lungs are still burning. Walking at 0% incline at 2 mph for five minutes got my heart rate down to a reasonable rate. Will I do this workout again? Absolutely. I felt like I had accomplished something, and besides, a fifteen-minute workout that pushes my limits? Cool. Don't have to spend mondo time on my cardio.

I might be sore tomorrow though.

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