Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Back in the game.

Now that the Bataan is over I can step up the training. That might sound odd-I mean, I should have been stepping up my training for the Bataan-but I was very concerned that I would injure myself enough that I couldn't even attempt it. I didn't injure myself, in fact I feel pretty darn healthy, so I have been increasing the intensity and frequency of my workouts. Man does it feel good.

Here are my running shoes. I'm very fond of them, especially now that I'm using them for running and not just walking. I feel like me again:) I'm following a run/walk rotation of 1/1 (one minute running, one minute walking) which I will be adjusting as I get stronger. I'd like to run a 5k or 10k at some point this year. 

You see here my heaviest weight, which I am now able to incorporate into my workouts. I've found that training one side/arm is easier on the joints than lifting conjointly. Apparently it's the in-thing to do right now. Muscle & Fitness Hers said so.

I've also been following a weightlifting routine I found here. I noticed a difference in my musculature after just one week and it really doesn't take much time. We also are borrowing something called The Human Trainer (info here) which I love. I can adjust my arm position to lessen the strain on my arm joints (important because I injured my left elbow last year and I still have to be very careful with it). My goals with weightlifting are fairly simple: build muscle and look good in a bathing suit (my parents are moving to the area and my mother loves the water so I think I'll end up in one sooner or later:) I have no desire to compete. That takes a level of dedication I simply cannot give right now, although I suspect Damm wouldn't mind if I ever decided to pursue that sport:)

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