Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mars has the tallest mountains!

As I think I've mentioned, the Orclette is being home schooled. I've been fairly consistent this semester; we do our "regular" school three days a week and then ad lib it the other two days.

Some days all we want to do is this:

Other days momma decides to be a bear and we hide from her.

What's really rewarding, however, is when the Orclette remembers something I taught her. We are learning about the moons, space and the planets and I found a cute little video on YouTube that explained the planets in song. One point it made was that Mars had the highest mountains in our solar system. Lo and behold, later that night the Orclette was telling Damm about her day and remembered that interesting little fact. Nothing beats a four-year old telling you about the "red planet". 

I must be doing something right:)

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