Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thomas the Train meets the First Punic War

I've been plowing through this week's readings for my military history class. Way behind, probably not going to get all of it done in time. Military formations, deployment of battle units? Not really page-turner material. I did, however, come across an interesting line. 

Recognize this dude? 

It's Sir Topham Hatt from Thomas the Train. He's constantly getting cross at Thomas ("Sir Topham Hatt was cross [again]") and bemoaning any sort of confusion and delay. He totally stole that line out of the textbook I'm reading:

"The arrangement [of the Roman fleet during the Battle of Ecmonus] was probably not only to aid the transports on their way ... and so avoid confusion and delay." (I have no idea what textbook this is from, all of our readings are provided online).

I would comment on how I'm obviously bored reading this material-which I am, in some ways-but the truth is that I'm always seeing stuff that relates to pop culture. We read a science fiction short story that spoke of the robots that had taken over the world as operating in a unit with no individual will. I totally had a Borg, you will be assimilated moment. Take a class with me and you will never get bored:)

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