Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oy vey

It's been a rough week. First the Miniorc developed croup, which worsened, as croup tends to do. We went to the doctor on Friday, got the meds and figured it would go away. Lo and behold Sunday the cough worsened and Minorc had a few instances of (apparently) fighting for breath. We took him to the ER and experienced the incredulity of the staff (they obviously though we were overreacting about his cough) turn to concern as they discovered that it actually was good we brought him to the ER. He's fine, he's got the equivalent of a nebulizer (spelling?) and he's not coughing anymore. I haven't quite recovered from the doctor rolling his eyes at me when I said the words "I went on the internet ..." (in order to find out if his symptoms were severe enough to warrant the ER) but hey, my kid is fine and the doctor did know what he was talking about. Seriously, though, do doctors think their patients aren't going to go on the web? And what's wrong with WebMD or Dr. Sears?

That wasn't the end, however. The Orclette caught a cold and has spent the last couple of days bathing my towels with drainage. She's fine now and has got her energy back, but I think it safe to say that our energy levels have been seriously depleted. All in time for the weekend, our busiest time period and when I do a "clopener"-a close followed by an open. I used to do those things when I was younger all the time; I'd stop by my favorite convenience store and buy coffee, an energy drink and a diet soda and be good to go. Now, however, even drinking all of that wouldn't quite energize me in the same way. Yay for being older.

On the bright side, I think my military history paper won't be a travesty. I'm worried, because so far I've gotten scores in the low 80s for the quizzes in this class. I don't usually score that low, and I'm really hoping I'll get an "A" on the next one. I can still bring up the quiz average, and I think I have a good plan for doing so. It's frustrating, though, since I'm usually a straight-A student. I almost feel like throwing a pity-party for myself with my other straight-A friends. They understand the pain and doubt.

And on the brighter brighter side, I'm done for this day. My pillow is calling my name.

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