Friday, February 3, 2012

Brains, Time and Chocolate Bread

The Orclette is very curious, like most kids her age. Her latest interest has been brains, children's brains to be exact. So we looked at some Google images until I'd had enough and suggested we look at some sea animals like the norwhale or squid. The norwhale wasn't exciting enough but apparently the giant squid was. So now she'll wake up and first thing ask to look at the brains and the squid, usually as I'm savoring my first cup of coffee.

We've also been learning about time. She noticed that the numbers on our digital car clock changed and she wanted to know why. I explained, and then I was entrusted with the task of telling her when they changed because she couldn't see it that well. She'll also turn on my phone and read off the numbers to me, not in order, and want to know what time it is. We have been working on time in our school curriculum as well, talking about how the earth orbits the sun. The whole concept is still rather fuzzy to the Orclette, however, since she told me a couple days ago that it had been six whole years since we'd last had a doughnut! (She's four) She also told me that something else was taking "16 17 18 19 months!" The bigger the number the better, apparently.

In addition to all this learning we've been learning to bake. So far we've made Pumpkin-Prune-Chocolate Chip Bread (really good and pretty healthy), Irish Soda Bread (yum but not so healthy) and Chocolate Bread (yum as well and fairly healthy, since I surreptitiously added prune puree to it). The Orclette will eat one slice and then decide she doesn't like it. The Miniorc, on the other hand, is delighted with every bread we have made so far. Oh well.

So there you have just a glimpse of my vibrant, curious and adorable Orclette.

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