Monday, December 5, 2011

ROTC Ball and Snow+Finals Week

I am recovering from two finals earlier today. My hand cramped, my neck hurts and my back feels thrown out of alignment. I think my face had a grimace of concentration on it most of the day. I'm sure it was very attractive. But now that's over and I only have online stuff to work on. Damm still has finals left though.

Or does he? The last time it snowed in Las Cruces the city shut down for several days. Look what it's doing right now:

So I guess we'll see about the school remaining open. I know those of you in the North are laughing but we here in Las Cruces are woefully unprepared for cold weather. Heck, I saw girls walking around in non-winterish looking skirts today. We were so not expecting this.

This is what we have also been up to:

This is our "serious" face. We took some smiling photos too but I am ALWAYS smiling in pictures. I needed some non-smiley ones. I went for the black dress this year; I have trouble finding dresses in brighter hues that work for me. I really like this one, although this picture hardly does justice.

Yo, so I am done, the kiddos are already experiencing "cabin fever".

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