Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Arrgh Moment is Justified.

So I read the Hunger Games Trilogy and felt absolutely awful Monday morning. Book hangover. Definitely don't drive while under the influence-trying to navigate the car while reading what happened next just doesn't work. Anyway, I was on our school's online thingymajig (it's called Blackboard but I have no idea what you call it in computer parlance-platform?) and noticed that our final essay assignment had been posted for my mythology class. Turns out I can write about any hero/heroine from any novel/movie. Score, right? I'm totally writing about Katniss Everdeen. My reading marathon over the weekend turned out to be just the right thing.

In other news, I have a group presentation today. Judging by the laughter, goofing off and cookies we made it's going to be a good one. Ask me anything you want to know about jazz and I might be able to answer you. We had some confusion over what, precisely, we were going to cover. I thought jazz and I thought music! and researched accordingly. The person who was to cover the dances thought swing! and researched accordingly. I think it all works though, 'cause you can't really talk about the dances without the music and vice verse.

In yet other school news, this is it: the last three days before Thanksgiving Break. It isn't a true break, I have homework that must be done, but there will be at least a couple days that I don't do anything at all. Isn't that exciting? I know I'm looking forward to it. Plus the turkey, ROLLS, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans and the DESSERTS comprise Thanksgiving dinner. Did you catch on to what my favorite parts were?

So, have a good day. Think about me/us as we do our group presentation, as most of us are pretty frazzled. That might work to our advantage, though, because our dance class is CRAZY. Fun crazy, but crazy.


Dawn said...

So which one was your favorite? I loved Catching Fire. I needed therapy after Mockingjay.

Wulfa said...

I liked The Hunger Games the best, and I know what you mean about Mockinjay. I'm not sure I can see the movies; the books were enough for me. Plus there's something ironic about this trilogy being made into a film, don't you think?

Dawn said...

Yeah I do think it's ironic being made into film. I'll probably see the first movie. And depending on how well it's done, we'll see about the other two.