Thursday, October 27, 2011

Middle-Aged Biker

Man, how did the week go by so fast? Just a moment ago I was having a case of Mondayitis that was NOT being solved by coffee (I think I got up to eight cups that day). Now it's (almost) Friday and a weekend full of fun Halloween festivities are about to begin, starting with a 6 a.m. costume run tomorrow morning. I'm going as a middle-aged female biker who has had a middle-aged crisis and bought herself a fancy bike and a few tattoos. Here's my pretend bike:

I even have a fake tattoo sleeve. It looks kind of odd juxtaposed with my real tattoos, but it's fun. Damm is going as Gru (from Despicable Me), the Orclette is a bundled-up fairy and the Miniorc as a bundled-up knight. It finally got cold on us, hence my mentioning the bundled-upness. It's going to be a fun run (cue resigned voice). I remember my parents and grandparents doing early morning runs and activities on holidays/celebrations. Now it's our turn to create memories (muahaha!).

Then we have a Harvest Party on Monday night. It's hosted by our church and provides the games and candy the kiddos like without actually doing Halloween things like "trick or treating" (we don't actually do Halloween since we're not big fans of this particular celebration although dressing up and getting candy is fun). Sugar overload, anyone?


scotth said...

If you are going to have a pretend bike, it might as well be on capable of a 9 second quarter mile. I approve your choice.

Wulfa said...

Thanks! I must confess to a complete ignorance of bikes, I chose it because it looked the shiniest:)