Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Adventures

While Damm is off on an army adventure we have been having adventures of our own.

Here's meself and the kiddos at the Butterfly Museum in Houston:

A closer look at the Orclette's "Fancy Nancy" type hair (Fancy Nancy is a children's book character. She is always dressed fancy, hence the name):

Fun at the park. Forget the slides, lets play with rocks and dinosaurs!

At the NASA Space Museum. My dad works at NASA (not one of those getting laid off) and we figured the kids should see it, since the whole astronaut era is over (at the moment at least).

At the Space Museum (that's not the official name, just what I call it in my head) they had various kid activities. They enjoyed the ball park the most.

Miniorc finally figured out how to dunk the basketball. He had been just pushing it.

The Orclette can jump in all by herself. No fear there.

The YMCA we've been taking lessons at has a Splash Park. Both the Orclette and Miniorc enjoyed running through it.

So there you have it: our Summer Adventures. Along the way my kids have discovered Rugrats and Angry Beavers, both cartoon shows that my brothers enjoyed (and still enjoy). My brother insisted they must see Nacho Libre, and Miniorc in particular enjoyed the fight scenes. I had hoped to see Cowboys vs. Aliens today but some of my mom's lifeguards (she's a pool manager at the YMCA) didn't show and so she's guarding and not babysitting. Oh well. Another day.

Next up (maybe): a post of nutritious things I have eaten/learned while I've been here. My mom is a health nut. She's also a bit of a conspiracy theorist. If you've read The Host by Stephenie Meyers she's the type that would've survived because she prefers to be off the grid and has a whole stash of emergency food and supplies ready to go. Someday I hope to have my own stash.

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The kids are so cute!