Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Life on Percocet.

So earlier this summer I experienced the excruciating pain of a tooth infection. Due to the long process of being referred, waiting for insurance to kick in, waiting for an appointment to see the surgeon and then waiting another month for an available surgery I just now had my wisdom teeth removed. Want to hear about it? It's fairly non-entertaining.

I had to fast for eight hours. Not a big deal, surgery was at 9 a.m. The lack of coffee was a bit hard, but I (obviously) survived. I was escorted back to the surgery room, put on laughing gas, told the nurse about my brother who burst into hysterical laughter when he was put on laughing gas, and then tried very hard not to laugh at the story. I succeeded. Then the doctor came in, put the needle in my arm, and I was out. Apparently the nurse had to manhandle me to get me out/in of the wheelchair. I somewhat remember the drive home; it was hot. Damm told me later that I asked him several times to turn on the air conditioner. I remember stumbling through the house into my bed. The rest of the day was a blur.

The next day I forced myself to be active. I had school, I had homework, I had kids. It was a bad, bad day. Apparently percocet (doctor prescribed of course) makes me extremely irritable. Saturday wasn't quite as bad but I was still irritable and people touching me (i.e., my kids) was THE MOST ANNOYING THING EVER. A break came Sunday morning when I took my dose of percocet and allowed myself to relax. Fell asleep cuddled next to Damm and my kids. Most relaxing, blissful sleep ever. Then it was Monday and I decided to wean myself off the percocet because I had to work that evening. Another bad day. Felt like I was having withdrawal symptoms PLUS I was still in pain.

Now it's today. I made it through most of the day without any serious painkillers but I decided to take another dose of the stronger stuff so I could be pain-free for a while. I'm contemplating chucking the stuff once I feel the pain is mostly subsided; those symptoms I experienced on Monday are not something I'm wanting to go through again.

Want to hear the icing on the cake? We're moving. Still in the same town, but to a newer, slightly bigger house. With refrigerated air. REFRIGERATED AIR. No more swamp cooler. You have no idea how excited I am about that. Well, maybe you can guess. It's pretty much the only reason I/we were willing to move in the middle of the semester.

So yeah. Life on percocet. Oral surgery, no rest, pain, homework, school, work, kids, Damm, moving. It's all good though. I'm getting refrigerated air.

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