Thursday, August 18, 2011

And we're back.

The kids and I returned to this barren desert on Sunday. Damm returned Tuesday. School starts today. I return to work tomorrow. No rest. Oh well. We're army tough:)

I've always thought Damm and I integrate back together fairly well. We haven't experienced a real deployment yet but I'm confident we'll weather it just as well. The only issue I have after this separation is Damm leaving the toilet seat up. Once you've accidentally sat on the toilet rim because your spouse left the seat up you never, ever want to repeat the experience.

The kids were ecstatic to see Damm. The Orclette has adjusted to him being home with no visible problems. The Miniorc has been acting like he isn't sure Damm is around to stay, or maybe he's thinking "Why did you leave me? I don't like you anymore!" The Miniorc's vocabulary has been expanding but it's not up to explaining complex emotions. So we're being patient and understanding with him, trying to stick to a routine, etc. It'll be good.

And that's really it. For now, anyway. I shall be back (I've got one-liners from movies going through my head: Sam from LOTR in my title and now Arnold from Terminator. Or was it MacArthur in WWII? Bah.)

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