Thursday, June 2, 2011

We sure know how to disappear.

There were three weeks of a semi-break. Damm didn't have school, I was working but not a prohibitive schedule, we had time to relax. And then it was over. Summer school started, my work continued, and relax time got squished. I'm not complaining-we were the ones who decided going back to school was a good thing, and by gum we're gonna see it through. Two more years. Four semesters.

In other news: behold, the girl that reads a lot! I'm finishing some of the historical books I picked up this past year, but I'm also diving into Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series. Historical fun, bodice ripping, with a good dose of modern reality. I love the series, and am eagerly awaiting her next installment (not sure when that's happening). I tried to reread Carol Nelson Douglas's Midnight Louis series but I've discovered that her books are quite a bit darker than I remembered. So that's a fail. Next up is David Gemmel's Troy series; I like his other books so hopefully these will be good. And they tie in neatly with what Damm is studying right now: the awesomeness that is Greece. Apparently his teacher (a female) went through a slideshow of nude Greek statues, pausing at each one, not saying anything, just looking. At least she appreciates her field.

To update the pain situation: I've still got tightness in my shoulders and neck, but the horrible pain is gone. I'm thinking a real massage is in order (i.e. one that I have to pay for), and I've been wearing those nifty little heat pads when I can't manage to relax those particular muscles. I'm optimistic that I won't have to go back to the doctor.

The kiddos are fine. Birthdays coming up and all that. The Orclette simply MUST have a Tinkerbell/Princess cake. Every character needs to be represented. I'm thinking I can't just make her cake this year. The Miniorc doesn't care. I'm sure he'll be happy with whatever form of sugar I give him.

And, you dudes, I'm out. No inspiration and whatnot (I'm still thinking like some of Lauren Willig's characters. Top of the ton and all that).

Until next time.

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