Friday, June 10, 2011

To those of you still following our lack of posting:

After vanquishing the TMJ symptoms I came down with a bad case of pericoronitis, which is basically an infection of a wisdom tooth that didn't fully come in. Hurts like the dickens, but I found a dentist willing to see me yesterday morning (another said I had to wait until the 20th, even after I told her about the extreme pain I was having, and obviously I found her help inadequate) so I'm on antibiotics and big doses of ibuprofen. Even Vicodin, which I didn't take until this afternoon. I used to have a martyr complex and wouldn't take anything stronger than regular ibuprofen, but after going through labor (four and two years ago, not anything recent) and major jaw and neck pain I have no hesitations about taking the strong stuff. I discovered this afternoon that I felt like "airy love" and that I was "floating clouds" and that I definitely should not drive or text anybody while under the effects of Vicodin. Part of my reaction was probably the sudden cessation of pain which has been my constant companion since Monday.

So there you have it. My mouth has revolted against me, and I feel as if this is a wakeup call to get serious about our healthfulness. We're not unhealthy, just not as healthy as we could be. My teeth have never been cleaner, and I have flossed more times these past few days than I have in years (that being one of the ways to prevent the situation from occurring again. That and rinsing with warm salt water, which is plain icky). I have to do something about our stress levels, because I think my issues are in part due to the ruthless way in which we drive ourselves. The same type of schedule has to happen, but I think there might be a way to be kinder to ourselves in the process. I'm still mulling over how to do that. And in case you were curious having mouth issues is one way to lose weight and get lots of fruit and dairy servings. It hurts to eat and bananas, milk, and yogurt are the easiest on one's mouth.

It is now time for round two of Vicodin. I must prepare myself for feelings of "airy love".


Charleen said...

Ugh, the one time I was given Vicodin it made me sick. Glad you're not in pain, though.

Beowulfa said...

I seem to be able to take anything w/o serious side effects, although the Vicodin is giving me a serious dry mouth feeling. And thank you, it's good to not be in pain:)