Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great opening line: "I'm on drugs".

That's the line I greeted my coworkers with yesterday. Let me hasten to assure you that the meds I'm on were prescribed by a doctor. I just had gotten a wee bit giddy with the lack of pain. You see, for the last week I've had pain in my jaw, neck, and raging headaches. I'm guessing it's TMJ; the doctor has yet to confirm my diagnosis. He wants to wait and see what happens while I'm on the pain reliever thingy and muscle relaxant. I can agree with that; in the past I've had some pretty wacky stress symptoms that eventually went away. I'm hoping that's what this is, otherwise I'm facing a future without gum. I chew gum all the time. Maybe that's what happened to my jaw: it decided to protest the gum chewing.

So that was yesterday. I'm still having some symptoms, but I'm trying to relax my face and neck muscles and follow all the advice I can get on how to relieve TMJ. I'm no longer giddy. That's good. People are not used to seeing me giddy. Also yesterday-because it obviously wasn't enough to just have me loopy on medication-the belt on our car slipped off. Damm was absolutely wonderful and fixed it himself (my dad is NOT a car person and would've had to call a shop and a towtruck so I'm not used to the awesomeness that is someone who can fix their own car). But then, as the kids and I were waiting for him to finish, Miniorc backed into our cactus. I had to cut his shirt off him. Fortunately most of the thorns (is that what you call them?) were in his shirt, not his skin. Anyway, it was quite a day yesterday.

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