Monday, April 25, 2011

At the end I love everybody.

The week before finals. We are almost done, the finish line is in sight. Suddenly I am sad, nostalgic, and my teachers are the BEST TEACHERS EVER. The professor that scrawled "Irrelevant!" through part of my paper? He is just the nicest person ever. The professor that was horribly unorganized? Well, I actually always liked that particular professor. The professor that scared me because of her sheer awesomeness (Kung Fu Panda reference!)? I'll take her anytime because she inspired me to reach new heights in my academic achievements! and so on and so forth.

It happens with places we've lived as well. Missouri? While I was there I complained ALL THE TIME. No friends, no direction in life, nothing to do ever, etc. Then we left, and all I can remember is the good stuff. Hanging out with cousins, eating pizza, the breeze through my window, our bedroom where the Orclette and I watched countless hours of t.v. (she was still a baby and couldn't do anything interesting yet), etc. I have fond memories of our first apartment here in NM, which is incredible since it was my first exposure to swamp coolers and swarms of ants. Not to mention the six-month long Damm absence.

So I imagine that I will miss NM itself, and our university, and our old but affordable domicile with all my used and worn furniture. I will look back on "our good ol' college days" and wish I could return. When I do that, hit me upside the head, will ya? 'Cause both of us working, in college, with small kiddos is not something I will ever want to do again. Nor do I want to live in this state again. Even if I had real AC. I have absolutely no desire to live amongst people who think swamp coolers are an acceptable cooling method. It's the principle of the thing.

One thing I do like about NMSU: their horses.

Why else go to school? Horse sense is the way to go.

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