Monday, April 12, 2010

Thoughts I been thinking.

I really admire TJ's blog (I'm pretty sure those who read our blog read hers, but just in case: Her Stockholming series, How I Know Phil's The Guy series, and her Brinkley projects-yeah, I love all of it. She has pictures, her blog is organized, people can rely on updates to several projects daily, and there is the TJ humor to tie it all together and bring people back for their daily dosage. I have not been paid, bribed, or any other sort of canoodling to endorse TJ's blog. Just so's you know.

Because of her example I've been thinking of beginning similar projects. Not until summer hits because of school/kids/work, but I've totally got ideas floating around in my head. I would have to work on letting my personality shine through my words like TJ does, but I think that's do-able. Even if I have to invent one.

Of course the projects would have to be usable in later life because I can't do anything unless it serves several purposes at once. A series on the changing beauty ideals for women could be used for my history thesis later on. I've considered joining her Stockholming project but I actually like what I see in the mirror. I could document my journey to being happy with my mirror. It's got lots of blood, sweat, and tears. I'm not kidding about the blood. I could also just write about interesting things that happened in history that pertains to current events, or doesn't have any readily visible bearing on current history. We are considering investing in INSANITY or P90X-I could document our journey to the perfect beach body. Which is totally wasted on us since I abhor sand and the ocean and Damm isn't that keen on the whole beach idea either.

Ah, lots of stuff. I'm leery of committing myself to anything. Not that you my readers would necessarily hold me to a commitment but I would feel terribly guilty if I started something and didn't finish it. Of course, I could:
1. Brainstorm and write down several ideas (already done).
2. Within each category pick several suitable topics for later research (several are milling around).
3. Compose outlines for those topics (actually haven't done that one yet).
4. Write a self-help book on how not to see itemization lists in one's head (not sure one can suppress that).

So we shall see. At the very least I can start including more pictures, once Damm shows me how to upload them. And I can include links, once he shows me how to do that as well. Yes, I am that computer illiterate, which could also be another mini-series topic: Wulfa's Journey to Computer Self-Sufficiency.

I could even try my hand at writing in Spanish, as practice for my upcoming intermediate Spanish courses. But that sounds scary to me, since my writing would be flat and without the lovely hidden shades of meaning a native/experienced speaker can infuse into their words.

Only 3 more weeks. Then finals. Then freedom.

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