Monday, April 5, 2010

There are times when it sucks to be an engineering major.

One of these times is when all of your classes you need have ONLY one lecture time available forcing you into horrible schedules like this:
Why is this schedule so bad? Well unfortunately I still need to schedule Wulfa's four classes around this in such a way that the kids are never needed to be babysat. Bleh.


scott said...

I remember comparing schedules with an arts student in my first year.

He had about half a day Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and he had Tuesday and Thursday off.

I had every single spot that could have a class in it full on Monday and Wednesday, about 10 hours total per day, and roughly 5 hours every other day.

Then there was missing the best party of the year for an algebra exam...

Anonymous said...

Not to worry - your schedule looks like a smiley ":)"