Sunday, August 9, 2009

Couldn't sleep

I couldn't sleep. Woke up at 3:30 am, realized that I felt normal and wasn't having contractions, and wanted to throw a nice big fit. Ate my morning chocolate to console myself and completely forgot that early in the morning the caffeine from the chocolate makes my heartrate go up-thus making sleep impossible. So I'm sitting at the computer. I've checked gmail, dabbled on facebook, and currently am wondering how Damm can surf the internet for hours. I'm out of stuff to do in 20 minutes.

Today I'm dragging the brother-in-law along to go see G.I. Joe with a friend of mine+her mother+her friends. Too many girls scare me. Too many girls is a good thing for single bro-in-law :D Plus bro-in-law will have no problems waiting until the end of the movie to drive me back if labor happens to start whereas friend might panic and insist. But really, there's no point. Not unless it starts out extremely fast and hard. Might as well sit back and enjoy the movie. And the popcorn. I still don't understand why doctors don't like you to eat/drink during labor. It's like a marathon and running a marathon without nourishment is downright crazy. But my hospital is 2 minutes away so I can stay at home and drink my orange juice until the last possible second.

Suki, from the Gilmore Girls, tried to hop her first baby out. I've gotten really close to considering trying that. But some shreds of dignity remain and I compromise by walking as frequently as I can. He will come when he is ready to come. I repeat that frequently. Doesn't mean I like it. Grrrr.

So I sign this post: Pregnant and Impatient in Las Cruces.


Patrick said...

I'm sure it helps to have someone around who will keep cool and not panic. I'd like to think that when we eventually have kids that I'd be nice and cool...but no promises to Charleen. As far as the birth goes, I wish you most importantly a safe and healthy one, but also the hope that it may be more of a sprint than a marathon.

Cap'n John said...

The boy and I saw G.I. Joe this afternoon. Apparently the critics were pissed that they didn't get to see it early for free, so they canned it anyway like I figured they would. The wife said she'd heard from normal people (as in those people who can actually enjoy movies) and she'd said it wasn't getting great reviews.

I still went and saw it, and yes, it was as predictable as I knew it would be, but I still enjoyed it like I knew I would :)