Friday, July 24, 2009

Not-so-bad Doctor

Today was my first doctor's appointment. It was at 7:30 am so I really didn't have a whole lot of time to dread it. Turns out it was fine-I like my assigned OB and I think I will have a much better experience at this hospital than at the one in which the Orclette was born. Later on this afternoon I have an ultrasound, which the doctor was most anxious for me to have since it appears the child #2 is in a breech position. As I still have 2.5 weeks to go this is not entirely worrisome. Of course I'd have much preferred him/her to be in the correct position already ...

You know, other than doctor's appointments I think our life is even more boring than it was before we went on our SC trip. Of course that will change, and change soon ... but it's so boring in the meantime. I did find a little park near our apartment complex that the Orclette can play on. And it's attatched to a nice, affluent neighborhood with nice sidewalks to walk on. So yesterday we made that walk twice. I was so sore this morning ... I think I lost a bit of aerobic conditioning on our trip :D

Damm is, well, maybe not having fun but he is doing great from what he tells me. He texts me at 2:30 am our time to say good morning and I stay up past 8 pm every night now so I can text goodnight to him :D He gets maybe 6 hours of sleep everynight. And it doesn't sound like he'll be able to sleep in much on the weekends, although I think naps are allowed. And he can call and talk to me for hours. I might let him call other people too. (This first week I'm a wee bit protective of his phone time. He's allowed to call me and no one else :D)

Umm. Hmm. My brain feels like it's in several places at once. I blame the impending labor and delivery process. At least after tonight I will be able to buy appropriately-colored baby stuff. I know I only have a couple weeks to wait but Damm really wants to know boy/girl and obviously I have to know in order to tell him.

Now I'm just waiting to leave for that ultrasound appointment.

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