Wednesday, July 22, 2009


The first day back is always the hardest. I was fine the day we left Damm-I spent quite a bit of time texting and talking to him. The next two days were filled with driving. Last night we arrived. I got to walk into the horrible swamp cooler-cooled apartment and discover that we had been overrun by ants. Ant problem was taken care of last night and today I bought two new fans. And then it was just the Orclette and myself. Lots of time to think.

August 3 my mom gets here. Just a bit over a week to wait. In the meantime I'm sure I'll be over at the in-laws house quite a bit. And I've talked & texted Damm everyday. So it really isn't that bad. And he is still gung-ho about joining the military so that is extremely comforting. Just as I said, the first day back is the hardest. Our daily routine has yet to be re-established and we're entering into the waiting period for child#2. Once he/she gets here and I'm able to start going to the gym again (that being a fixed and certain time each day that mother-in-law will watch little kiddos for me and I will be free) and MOPS starts etc. the days will pass more quickly.

Trying really hard to stop feeling sorry for myself. I knew what we were signing up for. Reality is harder than knowing, however. At least in this case.

It would help if I had my car. But I've decided that I'm not going to drive again until after child #2 is born and Damm concurred with me so now I really can't drive. Bah humbug. It's safer, though. I was already having a bit of trouble concentrating before we went on our trip-purely a pregnancy thing because I never have problems concentrating while driving.

Tomorrow will be a better day.


Cap'n John said...

Wulfa, I'm not too familiar with military protocol, but I'm curious as to why you can't live on base with him. Or is that privilege reserved for officers? said...

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Dammerung said...


I am currently in training and my training is less than 20 weeks. Due to this the army doesn't offer housing on base or offer financial moving assistance.

If I was at my unit and out of training there would be no issue having her live with me(provided I was posted at a safe location(ie: not Iraq/Afganistan))

As it is they give me Seperation Pay($250 a month) and Base Housing Allowance(basically rent... it is based on where you live).


Cap'n John said...

Cool, thanks for that Damm...oh, I was gonna make an additional comment but realized it's in relation to your post, not Wulfa's, so I'll comment there where it belongs :)