Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back Burner once again

I canceled my WoW account again. Just until Damm gets back in November. He's got our laptop and I don't foresee having the funds to buy another one in the near future so right now I'm stuck with a dinosaur of a PC that adds tremendously to the temperature in our swamp-cooled apartment. So I only turn it on early in the morning and at night.

/sigh. Wulfa was 200K from level 80. But once Damm gets back we'll most likely start playing again to some extent. We'll see how us both being in school + 2 kids works out. I'm counting on not being as tired-last semester I'd fall asleep at 7 p.m. all the time. As soon as the Orclette made her appearance in the world I regained most of my energy and was able to stay up til the far more normal time of 10 p.m. So I hope the same thing happens with child#2. And that would mean we could play at night. Once our homework was done, of course.

These last 2 weeks are frustrating. I mentioned that the little tyke is approaching 81/2 pds already? I can feel it. It's no longer wise to stay lying down for long because when I get up my entire body aches with the effort. I've gained 33 pds so far, which is less than with the Orclette so I'm proud of myself. Want to be jealous? I weighed 8 pds 9 oz. when born (my family does not believe in small babies apparently). My mother gained a mere 18 pds while she was pregnant with me. She was thinner afterwards than when she started. I can't say that, but I did lose all but 10 pds in the first 2 weeks with Orclette. And those 10 pds came off quickly. And these pounds should come off quickly. I've got my schedule for the fall arranged already and there are morning gym sessions and then evening walking sessions with people (I hate group exercising but I can walk with other people). I tease Damm that I'm going to be stronger than he is, hehe ....

Mother-in-law has decided that August 6th would be the perfect time for child#2 to get here. You see, Damm has been told that he can miss up to 3 days of classroom instruction without being restarted. August 6th is a Thursday, so he could leave Friday afternoon and stay until Monday without being in danger of a restart. I rolled my eyes when I first heard that, because babies never seem to come when you want them too, but she reminded me that we do not have because we don't ask (that's from somewhere in the Bible). So there be no harm in asking.

He just has to wait until my mom gets here. Which I've said before and I will keep on saying.

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Ely said...

completely understandable Wulfa.... take all the time you need with the new little one when he arrives. we are not going anywhere ( we will miss you terribly tho ) you Damm and the little ones be safe