Tuesday, July 28, 2009

And we are having ...

Child #2 was at first resistant to being ID. The foot was square over the private area for most of the ultrasound. The tech, knowing that I wished to know what the sex was, did all in her power to make that little foot move. Finally, it moved ever so slightly and we saw evidence. Not the entirety, mind you, but enough to figure out that child #2 will be a boy.

Although I would've been happy with either, I think I was expecting a girl because I was rather surprised. All of a sudden I wasn't sure about the names we had picked for a boy. But after hearing them said by mom-in-law, mother, brothers, etc., it doesn't freak me out so much.

Other things are freaking me out. To circumcise or not to? My family didn't do it. Damm's family did. However Damm will not be here. And I don't like the idea. So there's that little issue to ponder ... and there are very few cute boy clothes. They all have trucks on them and are clashing colors of blue and red and yellow. And what about changing the diaper? I've heard that they sell special guards to protect against the little guy from peeing everywhere. And what do I know of a little boy's psyche? I'm such a safety/rule following person. My brother Justin and apparently all of Damm's family were not rule-followers. If this kiddo is like my brother Alden we'll be all right-he's one of the most sensible people I know. In fact I'm hoping that he takes after my family and not Damm's. All of the stories I've heard of Damm's brothers frankly fill me with apprehension and horror (they were very active and explorative little boys).

But I know that I'll figure all of that out. And I won't be alone with the little guy for long-Damm will be back sometime in November. And of course I'm looking forward to actually meeting him, although I think everyone else I've told is more excited than I am. But then, I'm not really a baby person. Unless I actually need to purchase clothing I don't even pause by the newborn/toddler clothing aisle. My mother and mother-in-law can't resist stopping and looking. And spending more money than they should :D

I don't think I'll have to buy anything. I've been going to a Bible study on Tuesday nights and the ladies decided to throw a baby shower. That's cool, although since they don't know me that well I anticipate that all the gifts will be for baby. I had really wanted a baby shower for me this time-after all, I've carried the tyke for 9 months and will be going through sleep deprivation etc. etc. And I wanted to purchase everything for the baby this time. But far be it from me to be ungrateful. And I think there will be cake, and cake makes everything better.

I'm rambling. Damm is ecstatic and it is cool to hear him refer to his son. For those of you who wish to know, the name is as follows:

Brendan Marcus Matthias Edward

And little Brendan can make his appearance anytime after my mom gets here (August 3). The ultrasound showed that he's already over 8 pounds. My brothers were 10 pounds and 9 pds, 13 oz. Damm's brothers were all over 9 pounds. So this one will be somewhere between 9 & 10 pounds. Fun, huh? And he apparently has a full head of hair.

So, to summarize: I really thought it was going to be a girl. So hearing it was to be a boy threw me a little. But the more I hear his name the more excited I am to meet the little guy. And I'm trying really hard not to eat too much although lately I've been HUNGRY. He seriously does not need to get that much bigger. Damm is excited, all the family is excited.

And now we wait.


Daxenos said...

Boys....I have two, and I wouldn't trade them for girls for anything!

As Damm will attest, I'm sure, us males are pretty simple folk:

Don't try to make us look cute.

And stay out of the way when we get our hands on some power tools.

Other than that, feed us, bathe us (until we can do it ourselves), and love us. 'nuff said.


Oh, and GRATZ!!!!!

Kelmar said...


Congrats on the boy!

NOW, you are making me more want to know what we are having this time around.

Let's see. Love the name. I really dig Matthias and would swipe it but the wife had an ex named Matt.

About snipping, we didn't :)

I figure if he wants it done later, I'll pay for it. However, if he wanted it back... that would be more difficult!

Eustashius said...

hi hi!
congratulations! I am SO happy for you. Hope you are well, bff!

Eustashius said...

oh ya...
we didn't snip either :-)

Asara Dragoness said...

As far as changing the diaper, just use two. Lay one over the top while you're situating the other underneath. It won't catch everything if he does decide to let loose in the middle, but at least what it doesn't catch won't hit you (or him) in the eye! :)

Congratulations! :D

Joseph "caps" Heart said...

I love his name. Especially the Matthias part.

I'd comment on snipping, but I imagine you already know everything I do, so there's really no point. :-)