Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's over and the wait begins

Welp, Damm left early Tuesday morning. He's currently bogged down at Reception-we had a bit of trouble over our marriage license. Turns out his recruiter copied the wrong side (he did not copy the side that said we were actually married, just the side that gave us permission). So I faxed the necessary info and emailed it. Haven't heard anything back so I assume it got there.

I'm hoping his actual training starts soon. I'm already counting down the days on our calendar and don't want this first part to last much longer than 9 weeks. I did some research this morning about what actually happens at basic-i.e. the 3 phases, and that helps. I'm hoping we'll get our first letter/address soonish.

That first day I rearranged our house. The next day I joined a gym. We had already selected one but were waiting until June (that being when he gets his first paycheck). I borrowed money from the brother, however, because May was looking pretty empty and I wanted to have a standing activity everyday. June we'll be close to halfway through basic. Nothing else exciting happening in June.

July Damm graduates from basic and will possibly have leave to come back and visit. If he doesn't I'm thinking I'll go over there for his graduation. Might have to get a note from the doctor though because I'll be approaching the last month of pregnancy then. July 5th is the Orclette's birthday. Plenty of stuff happening in July.

August my mom comes and we await the arrival of little one. That's pretty much it.

September-October I have a friend visiting and a second cousin coming down from Colorado and both will be staying with me while they're here. Plus I'll be starting my marathon training. Those will be good months.

November Damm gets back. Not sure when, that depends on how long everything takes, but we think he'll be back for Thanksgiving.

I think I'm doing okay. Evenings are the hardest, but I plan on spending most nights at Damm's parents house. Being retired Air Force they understand exactly how hard the separation is. I've already got a letter ready to send each day he's been gone. And some pictures. I've been told his Drill person will look at every picture ... didn't have plans to send anything risky anyway. Hello, almost 7 months pregnant. Anyway.

Sorry for the disjointed writing. 3 days down, many more to go.


Eustashius said...

Hi Wulfa,
Here's hoping it goes easier and faster than you think.

Kayeri said...

Hey, Wulfa, I just got through a visit of the in-laws and here and came looking... How are you holding up?

Kelmar said...

Heya Wulfa,

Happy Belated Momma's Day :)

Cathy said...

Sounds like you have some busy times ahead. Hope you take some time to relax before the baby comes:)