Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A New Year for Me

Welp, I'm 25.

People kept asking me how it felt to be 25, and all I could come up with is "umm, I feel older?" Sometimes I'd comment on how weird it is to be on the other side of 25-I feel like I have to act grownupish now. I should already be acting that way, considering I have a kid, husband, another kid on the way, and have joined the military (I consider myself to have joined as well, seeing as how I get to go through lengthy separations etc.). But still, it's weird .... and I know that all of you who have hit 30 and beyond are laughing and thinking how very young I still am. Pfft.

It was a quiet birthday. Damm left absurdly early to set up for the Bataan race. The Orclette and I went to church, where I left her screaming in the nursery (she calmed down after I was out of sight) and then went over to the grandparents house and chilled for the rest of the day. When Damm was done making sure the Bataan runners had enough food and water, he came on over and we ordered pizza and bought an ice cream cake (Oreo, the best kind ever). I ate a pizza all by myself. I haven't had pizza for a long time, because I'm trying to keep the weight gain down. And it tasted good. The next day, however, I felt like I had a hangover. I didn't know one could get a hangover from overindulging in food. After lots of water and as much caffeine as I could safely have I felt a bit better, but yesterday was still a very long day.

As for birthday wishes and goals, mine is to have a healthy kid, survive Damm's absense as happily as possible, and get my freakin waist back. I want to be able to wear a bikini, though I will most likely never ever ever put one on. They're just way too skimpy for me. Oh, and train for the Bataan, which I'm pushing hard for my parents to run as well. At least the honorary run which is 15 miles. I know both of them could totally do that. Plus it takes place at the end of our spring break so they could have a full week, uninterrupted, with me, their beloved daughter, their beloved son-in-law, and their two grandkids. And that is what I keep on telling them, so I think they'll come :D (By the way, my parents would come in a heartbeat if they didn't have a son starting a rather expensive internship program this fall which they're paying for, another son starting at UofH which I think they'll be helping with, and my mother's car just got set on fire so they have to buy another one. My dad works for NASA, so he gets a decent salary, but at some point the money just runs out. I didn't want anyone to think that they didn't want to come see me.)

And now this newly 25-year old will be signing out.

P.S. In all the magazines I look at that is family-oriented, all the moms look old. And then I read that they consider the 20's to be the time to establish yourself, your 30's to be settling down and having a family, and then so on. I do not understand this. Having a kid at 40 means you'll be 60 when they're finally out of the house and in college. And if your kid follows your pattern you might not live to see grandchildren. I don't mean to bash anyone who waited until then, I just don't understand waiting that long. And I'm chuckling gleefully at the thought that when I turn 40, my kids will be almost ready for college and we will be FREE. Woot!


Czanthar said...

Happy Birthday Wulfa...a couple days late...

By the way, you are never 'free' no matter how old your children are, they find ways to make you life eventful always (Although, 9 years and counting till my youngest goes to college....i'm not counting, really i'm not).


sunjun said...
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